About UVC

Dear Friends,

I’m Arthur and I want to introduce myself as a Video and Photography freelancer. Also I wish to share my experience working in media industry, so I created this blog to have more flexibility delivering different type of content.

I decided to create a new “UVC Production” brand that represent my idea of working with people from different cultures.

My native land is Lithuania, but currently I live and studying in UK. Here I work with people from different countries and cultures. I feel happy about exploring new ideas and experience that I gain from this partnership.

 Why UVC?

UVC – is a movement that wants talents from different backgrounds come together to share their experience in digital world and with their consolidation create a new look to art like video and photography.

The idea behind this brand name is that  an art doesn’t belong to any countries or cultures. Art is a part of us, it doesn’t have any borders. So following with this beauty we are coming together from all of the world to share with each other our understanding of art and beauty.

Yours Sincerely,

Arthur Siuksta



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