Sun Eclipse in Manchester at 20th of March

затмение затмение2

Many of you heard that at 20th of March it would be possible to see sun eclipse. I’ve been waiting for it for the few days, but in the day I realised that the weather is too cloudy, so it won’t be possible to see it.

Luckily soon I found that the clouds are filters all directs lights beams and make possible observing that eclipse without any special ND filters.

I had my Canon 6D with me and I took few nice pictures and then later played a little bit with colors in post-production.

To achieve this effect, first of all I reduced my ISO to minimum and increased my aperture number up to F22 and shutter speed to 1/200, to capture highlights where our object is based. In post-production, I changed Kelvin Temperature from low number to high > 6500K, to get that yellow colors on the second picture and oppositely reduced Kelvins on the first one to get that blue colors.


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