UVC Production | Showreel

Dear Friends,

I introduce you my first showreel. This video is made from pieces of different projects that I made in the past. Below I’m going to give the credits for those where I was involved partly (as a camera operator or editor).

1. Uzma’s (http://www.uzmas.co.uk) – Pakistani Wedding
2. Bravada (http://www.bravada.co.uk/) – Love Story music video
3. University of Salford (http://www.salford.ac.uk/) – The Class of ’92

Tunafish Media – Showreel

As I mentioned in previous post that on my spare time I doing some work experience with Tunafish Media Company and after editing few videos for them, they offered me to edit for them a new showreel. It was a little challenge for me, because I wanted to make it look nice, but I had only 8 hours to make it.

All in all I think that this video looks great. They have a lot of video materials from their previous projects, that’s why this showreel looks so professional in my opinion.

Barber Barber TV – Customer Experience

Barber Barber is a very attractive hairdressing gentlemen salon based in Manchester. The are successfully offer a wide range of services and always stay on demand. People who never been there before might find it unusual but very charming.

Tunafish Media Company filmed for them very professional promo video that available on their website and youtube. As I do work experience with them, I’ve been offered to edit another promo video about customer experience, to give wider picture to new coming customers.

Promotional Video for weareadam.com

I’ve been asked by Tunafish Media Company to help them edit short promo video for weareadam.com. It is a straight forward announcement about Group Account Director work opportunity in London.

Sometimes simplicity is most effective method to deliver information. This is not a first promo video that was made by Tunashish Media for that company, so I used the same template and methods for this edit.